Best “First Time Contractors”

When Jerry Spude, inventor of TF System, was asked what makes a good contractor, he took a moment to think.  His first reply was “Zach Bailey and Glen Chamberlain from Gravette, Arkansas”.  Bailey and Chamberlain are what it takes to be good contractors.

Pictured Left to Right: Zach Bailey, Contractor/Josh Isabell, Homeowner/Glen Chamberlain, Contractor

Spude was asked to elaborate what he meant when he said that Bailey and Chamberlain were what it takes to be a good contractor.

Bailey and Chamberlain were both first time contractors, and they excelled.  What made them so great at what they did?

  1. Followed the detail manual
  2. Took advice with open ears
  3. Were eager to learn
  4. Demonstrated quality work
  5. Had warm personalities

The first house that Bailey and Chamberlain completed was fairly complex for two first time contractors, but with their dedication and hard work, they handled it like masters.

TF System has had good experience with contractors throughout its history, but Bailey and Chamberlain are solid as concrete when it comes to truly great contractors!


One thought to “Best “First Time Contractors””

  1. Many people have asked me why I am building a concrete house. Is it cheaper? Faster? Better? The short answer to those questions is it just depends. However the there are a few benefits I have found that remain across the board. First is the excellent detailed manual and the support we received from TF Forming Systems. They did everything to ensure a successful build. Accepting numerous phone call and walking us through plan specific details. Next is the simplicity of the parts and components that make up the system. The house plan was not simple and TF forming systems was able to accommodate all the desires of the owner. The majority of the system was executed by two men. The lightweight forms were very easy to work with. This leads us to the end result. A house properly built with TF Forming systems is solid. The integrity and longevity of the system is paramount in the industry. Its value will be proven over and over as it withstands extreme weather, water, mold, and rot as well as insulating against energy loss. After my first experience with TF Forming Systems I can definitely see its place in the market and hope to install more in the future.
    -Zach Bailey

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